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About the author/photographer: Valerie is a recently retired Critical Care RN.  Photography was always her hobby but now it is her passion.  She specializes in nature and scenic photography, much of it done during world-wide adventure travels with her oceanographer husband, Dr. Jan Svejkovsky.  She is President of Save Our Key Deer, Inc., a non-profit organization committed to advocate on behalf of the endangered Florida Key Deer population.

Val and Jan moved to the Florida Keys in 2015. Their property abuts undeveloped land, is fringed with red mangrove and is part of an important natural habitat area for the Key Deer, as well as many birds and fish that depend on the mangroves for food and habitat.

Valerie’s photos have won first and second places in several photo contests, and placed in the “Top 100” in the Nature Conservancy’s International Photo Contest.  Her Key Deer and underwater mangrove photos have been featured in various publications, including Natural History Magazine, the Miami Herald, and the Coupon Bight Visitor Guide.

The photos for sale on this website are dedicated to the natural beauty of the Florida Keys.